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Welcome to Northstar Foam Systems!
With the ever escalating costs of energy resources, efficiency and performance have become common words in the construction industry. Whether it is commercial or residential, eco-energy solutions can make or break a project, and even your wallet! Spray Foam Insulation has become the premier combatant against energy loss in the sometimes complex building envelope system. With its high R-value and air sealing characteristics, it is a go to construction material that not only increases the comfort level of your home/building, but also increase the amount of annual savings on you energy bill.

We at Northstar Foam Systems pride ourselves on the quality of work and our professional service. All of our spray foam installers are not only qualified, but are more importantly BASF certified. This means they have gone through a mandated apprenticeship program with no less then 2000 hours of spraying foam in the field ensuring that the job is done right the first time! Northstar Foam Systems also has the distinction of being BASF ‘Foam Masters’, the only such company in Manitoba, meaning that we are amongst the elite sprayers for BASF and Walltite ECO across all of Canada.

Our guarantee is your happiness. We strive to work with our clients to comply with the rigorous schedules that construction industry is known to have. We can accommodate you whether the job demands extended working hours or if distant travel out of town or province is required. You can be assured that with our vast knowledge and understanding of building sciences, we will be able help with any questions, problems, or concerns you may have on your project. At Northstar Foam Systems we are well equipped to serve all of your needs.