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1) Basements and Crawlspaces:
These high moisture areas are often problematic when using conventional insulating methods to air seal and insulate. This can lead to air leaks and moisture issues in the wall system and possibly lead to mold problems. Fibre glass acts as a sponge wicking moisture through the porous concrete foundation allowing frost to build up in the cold months and very damp conditions in the warm ones, potentially creating environmental conditions for mold to grow and construction material to rot away!

With a 1% water absorption rate, Walltite Eco essentially seals the foundation when it is applied directly onto the concrete surface virtually eliminating any moisture issues with proper environmental conditioning. Along with Walltite's air sealing capabilities, its high R-value allows you to achieve your desirable final insulation value at a minimal thickness enabling exterior walls to be framed closer to the foundation and adding valuable square footage to the basement.